Innovation, travel technology, automated payment solutions, data, data and more data - when did selling travel become so complicated?

If you have children born between 1980 and 2000, they are the driving force behind this need for information and travel solutions on-line with access on every mobile device you could care to imagine.

A recent ABTA Customer Trend Survey reported that 35% of holidaymakers say they are heading to new destinations this year and intend to get the most value for their money. Maximizing traveler spend takes time, so agents and tour operators’ alike will need to streamline their business processes to meet these new trends. Here are some things to consider when choosing an air booking technology solution:

Does it improve customer service?

Dealing with multi-generational client lists can be a challenge; having the right systems in place ensures you are meeting their diverse service needs. Millennials want to be part of the air booking process, demanding full air availability online; with the right customer facing air booking engine, these mobile-booking, tech savvy clients can find and book their flight options directly, freeing up your agents to spend more time with clients who prefer more personal, one-on-one service.

Can it manage complex air itineraries?

With both leisure and business travelers seeking more obscure locations, managing complicated itineraries while adhering to business rules and transit regulations can be a drain on your resources. Make sure your air booking travel solution is fully automated, to ensure no agent input is required in order to maximize savings in man power hours.

How can I save?

With tighter profit margins than ever before, wasting time finding the best fare that meets both business and leisure travelers’ requirements must be a thing of the past. Ask the question “Can this air booking tool return live availability on non-cached flights as quickly as 15 seconds?” Pulling the most accurate, up-to-date booking information will increase air department productivity, while significantly reducing debit memos.

What about integration?

The air booking engine you choose should allow flexible integration with current host systems and require minimal system administration with complete booking capability. The result will be a seamless transition for your reservation agents, air agents and allow travelers themselves to book and change air. As travelers are driving the demand for more on-line booking options, agents can meet this need, and streamline air department processes simultaneously.

With increased mobility and clients seeking adventure in far-flung places, an agent must run a tight ship to remain profitable in this wildly competitive market. Technology would seem to be the obvious solution, but buyer beware; do your research and partner with a company that has a deep understanding of the detailed nuances of your market.

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