British holidaymakers are tipping too much in foreign countries because they’re confused about the etiquette, according to a report by Travelex.


In the study of 2,000 Brits, two thirds (65%) said they were confused about how much to tip when abroad, with one traveller in four (26%) tipping too much as a result.

The research found that on an average seven-day holiday in Spain, British families could be spending £40 unnecessarily on tips for evening meals alone, due to confusion over how much to leave, and in pricier destinations such as Croatia, they could be wasting £65 by tipping too much. 

Findings also revealed that 54% of British holidaymakers don’t think about carrying the right change to tip, while 70% fail to learn the tipping rules of a country before they travel.

Currency experts from Travelex in Germany say that if Brits want to tip a waiter, the money must be placed in their hands rather than on the table, whereas in Italy the service charge is usually included in the bill and there is no need to tip. 

In holiday destinations further afield, such as New Zealand and Australia there is no need to tip anywhere unless service is exceptional, but in Qatar, it’s advised to tip at least 15 to 20% on top of a restaurant meal.

Elvin Eldić from Travelex said: “There are so many different rules and customs when it comes to tipping in different countries, that it can be hard to know when to pay extra, and when you could save money. No-one wants to cause offence, and it’s very much a personal choice, but with budgets so tight, no one wants to be paying over the odds on holidays.

“To help travellers get to grips with the etiquette we’ve used expert insight from our stores across 25 countries to put together our top tipping tips. This free guide will be available online and in store across the UK. We would always recommend taking a mixture of local currency in cash, and on a prepaid card, which means that you can pay for those bigger items on card and have that loose change to hand for tipping.”


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