Research by has revealed that a third of holidaymakers travelling overseas underestimate the amount of spending money they will need, with two-thirds of those surveyed withdrawing more foreign currency while away.

The poll surveyed 2,132 holidaymakers, with 34% of those taking part admitting that they didn’t take enough currency. Some 67% of respondents said that they had withdrawn more foreign currency from an ATM on holiday to keep them going, while 21% said they had borrowed money from someone else they were on holiday with at the time.

Asked why they needed more cash, 71% said they underestimated how much certain items and services would be, such as the cost of meals and items in shops. In comparison, 29% of those taking part claimed they took just the right amount of spending money while 37% claimed they took too much.

Chris Clarkson, the company's managing director, said: “There’s nothing worse than getting towards the end of your holiday and having to scrimp and save in order to make your money stretch to the end of your break. That’s why it’s important to have an emergency credit card on hand, just in case, or budget properly for each day that you’re away.

“If you tend to spend above your means and run out of cash on holiday, perhaps an all-inclusive trip would be a better option next time. That way, you have all your meals and drinks paid for in case you end up short of money.”


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