Hotel portal, HRS, has conducted a new survey which found that 67% of European hotels offer Wi-fi free of charge and that there is significant room for improvement regarding the pricing policy for Wi-fi in five-star hotels. 


The European frontrunner offering free Wi-fi in hotels is Turkey, where nearly 85% of hotels offer this service, closely followed by Sweden with 82%. Eastern European countries such as Poland (80.5%) and the Czech Republic (73.9%) also claim leading positions in the rankings. This is due to the growing hotel sector in these countries which means that many new hotel businesses are being equipped with the latest technology. 

Britain’s ranking in the tables is much further down, with only 62.6% of hotels offering free Wi-fi to guests.  

Jon West, the company's managing director, said: “Free of charge wireless internet access is in high demand and this demand is only set to increase. It is impossible to imagine a more and more mobile world without such a service available in hotels, which is now frequently taken for granted. Lots of hotels have realised this and provide free of charge Wi-fi to guests in their room.”

Meanwhile, taking a look at the correlation between hotel categories and free Wi-fi in European hotels, the survey found that the service is equally offered in each category. For hotels that charge for access to the internet, costs are an average of £2.47 per hour for room Wi fi. Guests in the Czech Republic have to pay the most - £4.35 per hour on average. Britain offers the fourth most expensive, with guests paying an average of £3.35 per hour. 

The company's analysis also confirmed the widespread assumption in the industry that the higher the hotel category, the higher the Wi-fi charges. Luxury hotels are the worst culprits for this, as one hour of Wi-fi in rooms cost an average of £6.70 in five-star hotels. In isolated cases, some hotels charge up to £25.65 per hour. With an average of £1.76 per hour/room, guests in one-star hotels are charged the least.

On the company's website, agents can specifically search for hotels with free Wi-fi available in rooms for their clients. 

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