A study conducted by online independent travel agent, sunshine.co.uk has revealed that 56% of Britons don’t view UK breaks as ‘proper holidays;’ with a fifth going as far as saying they would ‘never’ go on a holiday that wasn’t abroad. 

The research, which polled 1,562 holidaymakers aged 18 and over, revealed Britons’ attitudes towards holidaying in the UK, compared to holidays abroad.


More than half of respondents to the poll felt UK breaks weren’t ‘proper holidays.’ When asked ‘Have you ever been on a UK holiday?’ 74% of the respondents said that they had. All of the respondents had been on a holiday abroad, so those who had been on a UK break as well were asked which they preferred. Some 95% of these stated the holiday abroad was their favoured break.

When asked, ‘What are your views on staying in the UK to holiday?’ 56% selected ‘pointless – they aren’t proper holidays.’ 21% of those who took part in the study said they would ‘never’ go on a holiday in the UK, or ‘staycation’ as the breaks have become known. When asked to specify why, 55% said they weren’t as good a value as holidays abroad, whilst 31% blamed the ‘bad weather’ for their decision to avoid UK breaks.

Of the respondents who had been on a UK holiday, one in ten, 11%, said they didn’t feel ‘rested’ once they returned home and 17% admitted they didn’t enjoy it.

The poll also aimed to discover the cost difference in UK holidays and those abroad, so respondents who had been on both were asked questions on the subject. When asked, ‘Overall, which cost you more money; your last holiday in the UK or the last holiday abroad?’ 62% of people said it was the holiday at home in the UK that was more expensive, with the overseas breaks leaving them less out-of-pocket.

The company's co-founder, Chris Brown, said: “During the recession, it was thought that the ‘staycation’ was immensely popular, but what we’ve found here is that, actually, many find them more expensive than trips abroad. It was quite interesting to see that many don’t even view UK breaks as ‘proper holidays.’

“I think most people think of a holiday and immediately picture sun, palm trees, and lazy days by the pool, which can’t always be found in the UK unfortunately. The weather is unpredictable at the best of times and they are often more expensive that trips abroad. Some people love them, but it looks as though they aren’t for everyone!"

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