Research conducted by independent cruise comparison Website,, has found that Brits who cruise for their holiday maintain friendships made abroad more so than any other holiday. 

The study, which looked at at relationships formed on holidays, has revealed that a third of relationships made on cruising holidays continue on dry land.


The study asked 1,184 holidaymakers to share their opinions of friendships they had made whilst abroad. Respondents to the study were initially asked the multiple choice question, 'What type of holiday do you mostly go on?' A tenth, 11%, of those asked cited that they mostly 'camp in the UK', whilst a quarter, 26%, 'cruise'. The majority, 39%, said they mostly go on 'package holidays'.

Respondents were then asked whether or not they tended to make friends whilst abroad. Almost two thirds, 65%, of those who mostly cruised for their holidays admitted that they make 'friends' on holiday. 39% of these explained that they maintain the relationships once home from their vacation.

In contrast to the relationships made on cruise holidays, less than a fifth, 18%, of packaged holidaymakers form friendships when away; whilst 51% of British campers make friends with fellow campers whilst on their holiday.

According to the research, only a tenth, 9%, of the friendships formed on camping holidays by the respondents were maintained once the holiday ended.

When asked to explain why the friendships did not continue, the majority, 41%, stated that they were simply made to make the holiday 'more enjoyable'. 14% of the respondents who formed relationships whilst on a package holiday maintained the friendship once the holiday ended, with 'distance' being the main excuse for the failure of the relationship for 39%.

The company's managing director, Danielle Fear, said: "Cruise holidays are certainly a unique form of holiday, and it isn't at all uncommon for friendships and romantic relationships to be formed. As well as experiencing new cultures and locations, cruisers spend a lot of time together on board, and this can allow close friendships to form.

"A holiday is a personal choice, and as long as everyone on the holiday is enjoying themselves and taking a step back from everyday life that is all that matters. We are all different, some people choose to make friends whilst others prefer to enjoy the time alone with their friends and loved ones; and all that really counts is that lifelong memories are made."


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