New research from an independent cruise comparison Website has found that two thirds of British cruisers consume more calories each day on a cruise than they do so in everyday life. A third of which, eat an extra 1,000 calories per day and blame the cruise liner for ‘always having food available’. 

In a bid to further investigate the holiday habits of Britons, conducted a study to discover how life differs for holidaymakers when experiencing a cruise holiday compared to when they are on dry land. The study polled 1,281 British cruisers and respondents were asked if they allow themselves to indulge and take part in things that they would normally refrain from doing in day to day life.


Initially, the respondents to the study were asked ‘when on a cruise holiday, do you consume more calories on a daily basis than you do when at home?’ to which more than two thirds, 67%, answered ‘yes, every day’.

A further 17% answered ‘most days’. The respondents who admitted to eating more calories every day when on a cruise holiday were then asked to stipulate further. More than a third, 34%, explained that they consumed an average of an extra ‘1,000 calories’ per day when on their cruise holiday and almost a tenth, 8%, of those who admitted to consuming extra food stated that they ate an average of an extra ‘1,500’ calories per day - almost the same amount of calories a woman should consume each day, according to the recommendations of the government and NHS.

According to the study, 31% of the respondents stated that they over indulge when on a cruising holiday due to the ‘high quality’ of food provided on-board. Whilst a further 14% that admitted to consuming extra calories on-board said they did so because they are ‘extremely disciplined on calorie intake’ in their everyday life.

A further 6% of those who stated that they consume extra calories on-board a cruise ship admitted that ‘gluttony’ was simply the reason for their overeating. However, 11% blamed the cruise liner for ‘always having food available’.

The company's managing director, Danielle Fear, said: “Cruise holidays are a time to relax, experience new places and cultures and indulge in a lifestyle that one can not normally lead in everyday life. A 1,000 extra calories does seem an awful lot, however, cruise liners do tend to offer at least three courses with every meal; so it is easily done.

“Previous research has shown that cruisers also tend to exercise more than normal when enjoying a cruise holiday due to the scenic views. Therefore, I am sure the exercise and extra calorie consumption levels out somehow. Everything in moderation is always a good motto to have, but if you don’t allow yourself to over indulge on holiday, when do you?"

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