Buying a gift for those back home may seem a nice gesture while away, but holidaymakers would be better to save their pounds as more than two thirds (69%) of people admit that they don’t appreciate holiday souvenirs and 15% bin them as soon as they receive them, according to Skyscanner's latest survey of 2,000 travellers. 


The results found that ornaments ranked top as the most disappointing gift to receive (14%), with comedy t-shirts (9%) and cheap jewellery (9%) following closely. Souvenir classics, key-rings and fridge magnets also fail to impress (7%), while food items (4%), snow globes (4%) and fake DVDs (4%) were equally as disheartening. 

More than eight out of ten holidaymakers (82%) across Europe are pointlessly shelling out an estimated £5billion a year to share a little of their break with those at home, with each holidaymaker wasting on average £23.24 on unwanted gifts. More than one in ten holidaymakers (14%) admitted to spending more than £40 on gifts for those back home, while 9% have parted with in excess of £50. 

In terms of what happens to unwanted gifts, the survey found that 4% of people find their gifted souvenirs any use, 18% of gifts are hidden away in cupboards, while 10% are donated to charity. A cheeky 6% even owned up to re-gifting an item they didn’t like and 3% sold their holiday gifts on online shopping sites like eBay, while 2% have gone to the lengths of ‘accidentally’ breaking their gift so that they don’t have to keep it.



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