Ten years ago, the 2001 Census gave us a snapshot of the shape of employment in travel agencies. There were over 46,000 people aged 16-74 employed as travel agents in England and Wales, and over 17,000 employed as travel agency managers. 

But what will the 2011 Census reveal about employment in these occupations? The census is a once-a-decade event, run by the Office for National Statistics, that affects everyone in England and Wales.


Census statistics are used as the cornerstone for planning our communities. Housing, schools, hospitals, roads – all of these things are planned using census data.

Census statistical design manager, Peter Stokes, said: “The results from the 2011 Census will provide a fascinating insight into the travel agency business. We ask confidential questions about employment – what people do in their main job – so that we can highlight trends for planners, for example, if more space is needed for commercial retail spaces.

“If a business is looking to expand or relocate, census stats can help choose somewhere by identifying areas where there are a significant number of people with appropriate work experience/qualifications. This could make recruitment easier.”

The 2001 Census showed that there were 46,517 people aged 16-74 employed as travel agents in England and Wales. The area with the most people aged 16-74 employed in this occupation was Leeds with 659.

Crawley had the highest density, with one in every 191 people being a travel agent. As far as travel agency managers go, Bradford had the highest number living there, with 246 people aged 16-74 employed in that occupation.

The total number of travel agency managers in England and Wales in 2001 was 17,697.

But what will the 2011 Census reveal about travel agency employment? To find out more visit www.census.gov.uk

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