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When it comes to going on holiday, lots of families like to include their pet. Gary Swarbrooke, Director of Policy and Quality at Quality in Tourism , talks about what to look out for when your clients are wanting to take along their dog…

Being able to take your dog on holiday is increasingly becoming a factor that many UK tourists consider. The UK dog population is around eight million and approximately 23% of UK households own at least one dog. That is a lot of four legged friends! People are very attached to their pets and hate to be apart – so why leave poor little Rover at home!  

Here at Quality in Tourism, the assessment service for VisitEngland, we have a Welcome Pets scheme, which embraces the UK’s love for dogs (and cats and birds), which will help you book a quality pet-friendly holiday for your clients.

Dog-friendly holidays have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to the rise in the ‘staycation’. With the tough economic climate, the recession has upped the popularity of the ‘British’ holiday. A ‘staycation’ allows your clients to enjoy a holiday without the stresses associated with travelling abroad - no airports and missing passports, an easy get away. Many tourists who are embracing this type of holiday are enjoying being able to take the whole family with them, including the dog!

So, if your client owns a dog but normally puts him/her in kennels or leaves them with friends, then why not suggest some dog-friendly quality accomodation? Below are a few reasons as to why your clients should take their dogs along for the trip too!

·   Firstly, exercise! They will be walking their dog every day as they would at home but this time it will give them a chance to explore the local area.
·   Price! The price of putting a dog in kennels can be very expensive, with some places charging up to £25 a night! Sometimes, it works out much cheaper for your clients to take their dogs with them.
·   Finally - peace of mind. If your client brings their dog along on holiday, they won’t have to worry about his/her welfare back at home; they can simply sit back, relax and enjoy their holiday with their best friend!

Next, you will need to advise your client what they should pack for their pup. Thanks to Quality in Tourism, the Welcome Pets scheme has made it very easy to travel with dogs. All Welcome Pets assessed accommodation caters for dogs; this means less hassle for your clients as the essentials are already there and waiting. They can expect to find the following (and much more) in a Welcome Pets assessed accommodation:

·  A water bowl and food bowl available

·  Access to refrigeration facilities

·  Toys, chews and treats

·  Scoop and disposal bags

·  Pre bought pet food

·  Storage for animal transportation crates

When your clients are staying in an establishment, whether it is with their dog or not, quality is an absolute must. Make sure to check the hotel/B&B/self-catering property has a VisitEngland pets welcome accreditation. Remember to look out for “Welcome” schemes, which can help you make your decision about where your clients should stay.

Next time, your clients won’t have to leave their dog behind! Allowing them to enjoy a quality holiday with the whole family by taking their four-legged friend with them.  

Quality in Tourism (QiT) is the official assessment service provided for VisitEngland. The organisation carries out assessments and handles the administration of the national quality assessment schemes on behalf of VisitEngland. For more information either email or visit  

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