Given the very nature of Europe, there’s no better way to travel around the continent than by car. If you have a great car to call your own, you can take in the views on your journey whilst driving down some of the best roads in the world.

The freedom driving provides is perfect for those looking for a relaxed holiday spent at your own pace. Combine that with your favourite collection of songs and a car full of your favourite friends and family, and you’re set to have a brilliant holiday.

The ultimate escape
For Brits in particular, a driving trip around Europe is so appealing thanks to the spanning, often deserted roads hidden within gorgeous scenery, which you just don’t get in the United Kingdom. Italy offers some amazing mountain-side roads, while France provides incomparable countryside.

The only limits are the ones you set yourself; you don’t have to worry about train or plane times; you can take breaks and visit tourist spots whenever you wish to! Often the best spots are hidden away in the smaller villages which you can miss, but can happen to come across during car journeys.

Staying aware
If you’re planning to take on Europe by car , it’s essential you learn the rules of the road well for each country you plan on visiting. While we might think here in the UK driving is difficult, it is nothing compared to some European countries.
Many of the main tourist hotspots in Europe have a lower speed limit than you’ll find in Blighty, which will come as a surprise for some. Meanwhile, UK citizens are used to jumping into the car with nothing but their driving license to be concerned about with bringing, but many in Europe must effectively fill their cars extra materials to comply with laws.

Paying the price
While there are both fines and points systems in the UK, the times these are implemented in certain European countries can vary. Plus, you can expect to hand out some pretty heavy fines for breaking what you may consider to be a minor offense, such as not wearing a seatbelt or using a phone whilst in the car.

Driving around Europe can be as rewarding an experience as you make it. Put in the effort to stay within the laws, study the local culture and you will have an amazing trip. Enjoy!

If you're going on holiday abroad, then you'll need to rent a car. If you're going on holiday a little closer to home, and are travelling by car, then it makes sense to take one that's not only practical, but great fun too. Planning ahead is the key to having the right car for your holiday, and thankfully, there's a website perfect for this job. allows you to search for hundreds of quality used cars, bikes and vans, through several different criteria and listed through reputable dealers. This allows you to filter past cars that aren't up to standard and focus on the ones that are.
For the best holiday car, striking a balance between practicality and fun is key.

For larger families a Land Rover would be great, as would a Seat Altea, and for couples a hot hatch such as a Fiat Abarth 500 or two-seater sports car such as a Mazda MX-5 would be ideal. Essentially, so long as your car has a boot big enough to take a suitcase, and enough sears to accommodate all passengers, it is perfect for a holiday. Consider also your mileage; if you're driving 300 or so miles, an economical diesel saloon may be suited to your journey.

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