Mobile devices are revolutionising the way we travel. We use them to store our vital travel documents, our flight and seat number, as well as to navigate us to our hotels once we touch down abroad. But what happens if we forget to charge them – or if the battery suddenly goes flat?

Every bar counts when you’re travelling. It’s that last ounce of juice that allows you to make that connection, find your hotel, or call a friend – before the phone switches off and refuses to resuscitate. It’s this philosophy that is encouraging a whole host of businesses, from airports to hotels and travel agencies, to adopt USB charging technology.

USB charging solutions provide travel agents with a more flexible and comfortable agency environment. Using portable technology empowers agents to adopt a more casual approach when interacting with their clients, abandoning the traditional desk altogether in favour of using a tablet to show their customers the latest deals and itineraries on a comfy sofa. To serve multiple clients as efficiently as possible, travel agents depend on receiving a charge that will power up their devices quickly and easily.

In order for travel agents to get the most of their charge, it’s essential to use the right USB technology. Cue an innovative approach to USB charging coined Dynamic Device Recognition (DDR). DDR ensures that whichever device is plugged in it charges in the optimum way, efficiently charging a device more quickly– a lifesaver for travel agents looking to entice customers with their customer service and the allure of a holiday.

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