ian jenningsPeople aged 65+ and those with pre-existing medical conditions are struggling to find travel insurance at the time of travel. Those that do find travel insurance often end up paying over the odds. 

It is understandable that insurers have to slightly increase their premiums to reflect potential high risk and costs of claim for insuring customers over 65 or those with pre-existing medical conditions but there is no excuse for people being ripped off.


With the UK's ever increasing ageing population you would think that this would be a niche market insurers would be looking to exploit. Travellers appear to be tackling the situation in one of two ways; not travelling at all, which seems a shame when one reaches an age of finally having the time and disposable income to do so or taking out insurance which doesn't fully cover them. Not taking out the full cover at the beginning could work out more expensive in the long run.

When it comes to customers with pre-existing medical conditions the situation isn't any better. The latest Which? report revealed that some companies are charging three times their standard premium rates to customers with ongoing medical conditions with a difference of nearly 900% between the cheapest and most expensive annual policy. Worse still some companies are refusing to insure travellers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Here are five tips on how you can find the best travel insurance policy to meet your needs.

· The key to finding the best sets of cover is to shop around in advance to find the best deal to sure you are not taken for a ride.

· It is also often worth getting quote from insurers who specialise in the particular insurance types.

· Always declare any pre-existing medical conditions from the outset, otherwise you could be caught out as any subsequent cover could be invalidated.

· Make sure you check the small print so as not to get caught out.

· Travel insurance policies designed for over 60s are not always the cheapest so make sure to investigate all avenues before making your decision.

For further informationl visit www.explorerinsurance.co.uk or call 0800-043 4003.

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