Have you ever wondered how you can improve your customer service? Perhaps you'd like to increase client retention figures or learn how to attract new business? Sales managers up and down the country spend a lot of time with agents, training them, helping them to boost their product knowledge and observing them in their day-to-day role.


We spoke to a top UK sales manager with years of experience to reveal the bad habits that agents (and surprising, many agency managers) have picked up and then asked what agents should be doing to boost their skills in customer service and at the same time helping them to win over more satisfied customers.

Here's what they said:

1. If your client is struggling to open the door – don’t sit and watch, approach and assist! I’ve seen this so many times over the years and I continue to be shocked that when clients struggle to open the door (if they are elderly or struggling with a pushchair), the agent just sits there and watched them. NO! Jump up and help them – you want the business don’t you?

2.  Take time and get off your chair, offer your hand to the client and ask them to take a seat, to discuss the holiday. Ask them straight up – are they looking to book something or are they just after ideas at the moment?  

3. Don’t forget to smile and take notes on what they are telling you so that you don’t ask them the same question endlessly - I see this all the time. People like to know you are listening to them and asking them to repeat the same information demonstrates that you’re not.

4.  Keep your desk clean and organised; no one wants to see what you had for lunch – or see the mountain of paperwork you haven’t yet sorted… You care right?!

5. Ask them a few question and get to know them – is the holiday for a specific occasion? Do they have a destination or hotel in mind? And if they do - why that particular one? Start building a rapport by getting a feel for what your client is after.

6. Other questions you should be asking include what the client would like from their holiday – to boost their destination knowledge? For relaxation? etc...Only then will you be able to determine what type of holiday is most suited to them.

7. If your client appears cagey, ask them what has been their most memorable trip to date and what stood out for them. This takes them back to a place where they can visualise what made them happy, boosts your rapport with them and shows that you care how they feel.

8. Do not try and sell anything until you have understood the client's motivation and how far down the booking process they are. The more you illicit information and retain it – the more you can personalise.

9. If they are sat with you don’t forget to think about offering them a drink or asking for an email address for some follow up information - and then send them something. Even if it’s just a ‘Thanks for coming in today, it was lovely to meet you and I look forward to assisting you with your exciting plans...". A little courtesy goes a long way.

10. Last but not least, at the end of your conversation, don’t forget to get up out of your seat, thank them for talking to you and escort them to the door… Manners cost nothing, but mean a lot.

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