As over four million Brits get set to jet off to sunnier climes during the festive season, it seems it’s not just the Queen’s speech and crisp winter mornings they will miss, according to a new survey by Topping a list of what Brits miss the most when holidaying abroad is ‘their own bed’ (30%), followed by the convenience of tap water (17%).

The top five list of the most missed, revealed by the poll of over 2,000 British adults, also includes missing out on favourite TV programmes (8%) and not being familiar with our surroundings, with ‘knowing my way around’ coming in at number four (7%). A decent morning cuppa was also important to holiday makers, with ‘my own teabags’ making it into the top five (5%).

According to the poll, the Welsh seem to be a nation of home comfort lovers, with 40% saying they’d miss their own bed the most. Those from the East Midlands are most likely to be craving a good old cup of English tea (12% vs. 5% GB wide) and it appears that the true British pub lovers of the UK are located in the North West, as residents from here are more likely to miss their local pub when jetting off to another country (5% vs. 2% GB wide).

It’s the regular routine of the TV that those from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset areas miss more than any other region, with 13% of respondents in South West Britain saying they missed their favourite TV programmes when away - 5% above the national average.

Results below from the survey of what Brits missed most when holidaying abroad:

  1. My own bed (30%)
  2. Tap water (17%)
  3. Favourite TV programmes (8%)
  4. Knowing my way around (7%)
  5. My usual teabags (5%)
  6. My own car (3%)
  7. Driving on the left hand side of the road (3%)
  8. My local pub (2%)
  9. None of these (25%)

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