The York Dungeon Plague ShowThe York Dungeon will bring visitors face to face with the infamous and most Wicked Women of York from Monday 17th to Monday 31st October.

Visitors will be plunged into a cool, cloudy day in York’s Market Square, in 1649. The Spring Assizes are underway and 21 criminals are awaiting their fate. Nostrils are filled with the revolting smell of fire and death and reports of witchcraft are rife!

Among the 21 are stranglers, poisoners, arsonists and child murderers, but none are as disturbed as 32 year old Isabella Billington. Nobody knows what lead Isabella to crucify her mother in Pocklington on the 5th January. After nailing her mother to a cross she even sacrificed a calf and cockerel. She must have been a witch after all!

Can you evade the questions of the Witch Pricker; nasty, vindictive and filled with a sense of righteous fury. The Pricker sees witches everywhere and is suspicious about the smallest things. Will you be accused of being a Witch? Will you escape the same fate as the convicted witch and temptress Isabella?

If this wasn’t enough, visitors will be immersed in a world-first bloody Viking battle in the brand new interactive show, Vengeance of the Vikings, where guests can get to know the torturous techniques used on Saxons, including public blood-eagling and a viper pit!

Visitors will be on edge as they’re taken through 10 live interactive shows and are put to the test by the witches, torturer, courtroom judge and even the plague doctor that they meet along the way. Senses will be on fire as guests see, hear and even smell the horrible history that comes to life around them.

Located in the heart of York, the attraction has been completely revamped from bottom to top, with new scripts, sets and state of the art special effects following a £1million investment.

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