New research from Mondial Assistance reveals that, on average, Taureans make the most expensive travel insurance claims but are only the third most likely to make a claim. In contrast, Capricorns have the lowest claims costs but are the most likely to claim on their travel insurance.

The company analysed its latest travel claims records to reveal interesting patterns, according to star signs, and is urging travel agents to remind holidaymakers about the risks of going abroad without adequate insurance.

The company says that many people are tempted to cut out insurance to save money, but it could cost them more than the price of their holiday in medical bills, if things go wrong. According to the research, Capricorn, Gemini and Taurus are the top three signs most likely to make a claim on their travel insurance.

The usually cautious Taurus also faces the highest average claim costs – 8.5% higher than the average – and surprisingly, the normally fastidious Virgos come second, but fortunately they don't claim very often.

Scorpios have the lowest number of claims and the second lowest claims costs, making them the safest travellers and while Capricorns have the highest number of claims, they are bottom of the claims costs chart, at 15.3% lower than average.

Sagittarians are believed to be the luckiest star signs in the horoscope and don't mind taking risks, but the research shows they are one of the safest travellers – with the third lowest claims costs and being the second least likely to make a claim.

The company's corporate, travel and health director, BEn Smart, said: "Clearly, we can't use horoscopes to determine whether travellers are more or less likely to experience an emergency on holiday, but this analysis highlights how much costs can vary.

"Travel professionals need to advise everyone to make sure they take out adequate travel insurance, whatever their star sign. Our research shows that even the simplest problems can see the cost of medical attention run into hundreds of pounds. Treatment of an insect bite could cost more than £300, while a headache can cost a staggering £580 to treat. Agents need to remind customers that ditching insurance to save money could be a false economy if things do go wrong. Hospital treatment for sunstroke or a simple broken arm could easily run into thousands of pounds abroad, potentially costing a lot more than the holiday itself."

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