Brits were pushed to their limits recently when asked to identify different places, currencies and languages around the world.

The new research, which was conducted by cruise agent, Bolsover Cruise Club, asked users to identify different currencies, point to different locations on a map and highlight what different flags of the countries were.

Firstly, people were asked to identify the different currencies of popular destinations around the world. Interestingly, the hardest locations to clarify the currencies were found to be the following (ranked hardest to easier): Dubai – AED, Croatia – HRK, Iceland – ISK, Norway – NOK and Puerto Rico – USD.

On the flip side of this, the easiest locations to identify currencies were the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico and Sweden where people were quick to confirm their choices.

The public were then tested on their knowledge of flags. Confident travellers were quick to identify the likes of Japan, France, Canada, India and Spain with these locations coming out on top for the easiest flags to recognise. However, the slightly less recognisable flag was Liberia, with people often confusing this with the Malaysian flag and even more concerning, the US. Other locations which deemed to be difficult for the UK public to identify included Cambodia, Iceland, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

Michael Wilson, MD of Bolsover Cruise Club, said: “We were really interested by the results from this experiment, we knew we’d be testing people with some of the countries, and even more so when asking people to locate these on a map, but when it came to languages and currencies – we were particularly shocked by some of the results.

“Of those used in the experiment, the stats showed that 67% couldn’t locate Japan on a world map, with bigger stats also showing that 81% struggled locating Morocco and 74% Peru. While we all love a good trip away, our research highlights that we may be quicker to escape the British weather, without knowing much about the location itself.”

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