Lower prices in European petrol stations mean that UK tourists on continental motoring holidays can expect their cars to drive more miles for less cash this year.

Fuelled by the strong pound, pump prices have fallen in 20 of 22 countries surveyed for the eighth annual Post Office Travel Money Motoring on the Continent report.

The biggest fall in the cost of unleaded petrol and diesel fuel has been in France, where the litre price is down 23p for unleaded and 24p for diesel. France is one of nine countries where local pump prices have also fallen year-on-year, helping to boost the benefit to UK drivers. A combination of cheaper fuel and the strong pound means UK tourists can expect to pay 15% less for unleaded petrol (£1.26) and 18% less for diesel (£1.08) at French pumps.
This means that 1,000 miles of motoring through France will cost £45 less than last year in a car using unleaded petrol (£191) and £47 less for diesel drivers (£163).

Prices are also down this year in two other European destinations popular with UK holiday motorists – Spain and Ireland. In Spain, where 38% said they have driven, pump prices are down 6p a litre for unleaded (£1.18) and 5p for diesel fuel (£1.11). Three-in-ten motorists surveyed for the report had driven in Ireland, where a litre of unleaded petrol is 13p cheaper (£1.28).

For the third year running, the Post Office survey found that fuel is cheapest in Andorra – £1.04 for unleaded petrol (down 8p) and 94p for diesel (down 6p). By comparison, the Netherlands was 45% more expensive for unleaded fuel (£1.51).

Fuel prices across Europe can be compared at www.postoffice.co.uk/holidaymotoring2014

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