OAPs – or ‘Older, Adventurous Paradise-seekers’, are flocking to experience the hot springs, waterfalls, spas and cultural retreats of Brazil for a tropical getaway.

According to new ABTA research, following the relaxation around pension rules in the UK last year many Brits aged 55 and over have caught the travelling bug and are deciding to venture across the world with some of their newly accessible money.

The research reveals that almost a million Brits are now considering dipping into their pension pots, with taking a holiday or travelling being the most popular option to spend the money on. Of those surveyed, 59% plan to take a 'holiday of a lifetime' and more than half (56%) said that they would spend more than usual on travelling.

Aimed at these older adventurous paradise-seekers looking for a destination that will provide them with an unforgettable trip, Brazil is highlighting its hot springs and spa towns.

Cadas Novas, in the state of Goias, is part of the hot waters region and one of the most popular destinations within Brazil. Visited by more than three million tourists a year who come in search of the famous hot water that springs from the ground at temperatures ranging from 35-52°C, the waters are known for their therapeutic properties, along with aiding digestion and relief for rheumatic diseases.

Also popular with older travellers (and in the Goiás region) is Rio Quente. More than 12km in length, the 'City of the Warm River' is one of the largest river springs in the world and is a four-hour drive from Brasila. Hot Park is a water-themed recreational area inside the resort, popular with adults and families, and is now the largest hot water park in South America.

Another popular area for older travellers is a cluster of spa towns knows as the Water Circuit in Minas Gerais. Consisting of the towns Congonhas, Diamantina and Mariana, each is centred on a park built around the springs, incorporating bath houses and fountains.

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