has issued a NHS - No Holiday Symptoms - warning following new research which reveals it’s been an average of 22 weeks since we last took a holiday.

According to the research conducted by One Poll on 2000 UK adults women are more likely to suffer than men from holiday withdrawal symptoms with symptoms including feeling tired (29%), sad (24%), stressed (23%), grumpy (18%) and overworked (18%).

The condition has even spread to the nation’s under 24s with youngsters feeling the worst about the lack of sun. The study shows those in club 18-24 feel twice as lonely, 11% more sad, 15% more envious and 11% more over-worked, compared to over 25s.

It’s been 154 long, cold days since Brits hit the beach – a longer time than any other Europeans who average 133 days – so it’s surprising that only 7% of people book off all their annual leave before the end of the year.

Forget family time: at this time of year the main reasons Brits want a holiday are to get away from the dreary British weather (60%), to escape the dark early mornings (38%) and to get away from the winter flu (23%). Getting away to spend time with loved ones comes much further down the list of priorities, as only 10% of Brits say this is a reason to go away.

As the nation gets ready to don its winter warmers and set up camp indoors, the research shows that what we miss most about holidays are the relaxation (52%), the sun (45%) and the freedom to do whatever you like (39%).

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