A recent psychological study, conducted by Professor Jonathan Freeman at Goldsmiths University’s i2 Media Research Lab, has discovered that Monarch employees are officially nicer than the rest of us.

The low-cost airline and holiday company put staff members to the test in a bid to scientifically prove its reputation for being an all-round nicer way to fly as highlighted in its recent TV advertising campaign.

The results found that employees scored higher than the general sample of members of the public on psychological constructs associated with being nice, such as emotional intelligence, often described as the ability to read other people’s emotions and react in an appropriate way. It revealed employees, who were randomly selected by an independent third party, scored significantly higher on levels of agreeableness and empathy, as well as on measures of altruism, compassion and consideration.

As part of the study, the employees also participated in a timed endurance test where they were exposed to different stressors, such as a very loud, aversive noise through headphones, and asked to press a ‘stop’ button when they could no longer tolerate it. Some 60% of the employees who took part in the lab test were able to endure the aversive sound for the full time limit set for the demo, suggesting they have above average levels of patience and are less likely to lose their nice in tricky situations. They are also more likely to have good strategies for managing the frustration and annoyance that often comes with a job in the service industry.

Following the results, the company has decided make 2017 the ‘Year of Nice’, promoting traditional values of chivalry, courtesy and respect. As part of this, it is offering customers free upgrades simply for being nice. Selected nice customers will be rewarded for polite behaviour with extra leg room seats - offering up to 15% more space and with a value of over £100 (for two people) – as well as priority check-in.

Subject to availability, customer services staff are allowed to give away a certain amount of the free upgrades to extra leg room seats and priority check-in every week.

For more information visit monarchagents.co.uk

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