With some 27million Brits about to take their summer breaks, research undertaken by Kuoni Travel suggests that the next few months will be a pivotal time in their lives, as holidays are one of the most powerful ways to help you decide if you are in the right relationship.

The research found that spending 24/7 with a loved one can help couples get reacquainted, with some deciding to marry (54%), start a family (46%) or move in together (42%). However an alarming 59% decide to divorce or separate after their holiday.


Commenting on the findings, expert relationship councillor, Christine Webber, said: “It’s certainly true that you don’t know someone till you’ve been on holiday with them. As a therapist more people come to see me for the first time after their holiday than at any other time of the year. And it’s always about their relationship.

“The good news is that for couples who are happy together a holiday is a marvellous opportunity to reconnect. Sharing much more intimacy than at home can really boost levels of oxytocin, which is the hormone that is responsible for us feeling bonded and content. Many couples who have never holidayed together previously come home engaged, or deciding to plan a family. Being away, and appreciating each other 24/7 can really bring people closer.

“Sometimes though, it does the opposite. It’s a good idea to discover these kinds of differences before buying a house together, marrying or having children. So a holiday can be seriously life changing - but in a very good way! In a sense the holiday speeds up the inevitable split. It’s a catalyst. If a couple are going to break up, it’s not a bad thing to realise this on holiday when there are no distractions around them.”

According to the survey attitudes between men and women differ with 78% of women agreeing that holidays make or break relationships compared to 68% of men. Younger generations were even more adamant about this statement with 81% saying its make or break time on a holiday.

However for those women in a lack-lustre relationship, 25% believed that a holiday might help them re-ignite passion as more than a third said a break helped them get re-acquainted with their partner.

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