The Home to Hotel luggage delivery service, Luggage Mule is changing its consumer messaging, following research carried out on its first 1,000 plus customers. 


The company’s managing director, Jordan Makin, said: “We were keen to understand why our average customer booking was for just one bag, with 43% of customers choosing the 20kg weight, which they could have carried on the aircraft at a similar cost to our service. Initially, we had expected the uptake on higher weights such as our 25kg (24%) and 30kg allowances (33%) to dominate, so we suspected the use of airlines’ free hand luggage allowances had been impacting uptake. We therefore created a simple four question email survey to explore the topic.”

The survey found that 82% of the company’s leisure customers were also taking one item of hand luggage each, and the reasons for this varied. 

Makin said: “The largest percentage of customers (43%) appear to be sending their heavy items ahead with Luggage Mule whilst using their free hand luggage allowance to pack the last minute items they either wish to use in the UK before they travel or did not think about packing three days ahead of departure, which is when their main bags were are collected by us. 

“Surprisingly, just 28% of customers said they used hand luggage as a way of reducing the cost of taking their luggage on holiday, even though doing so gives a couple an extra 20kg allowance, which equates to one free hold bag. We were disappointed to see that 22% of customers carried hand luggage to ensure that they had clothing for the first day of their holiday, just in case our delivery service did not arrive on time, despite the operational procedure of guaranteed delivery the day prior to the customers’ arrival.

“It’s clear that a key restrictor on uptake of the service at the moment is consumer confidence. However, with our 99.6% delivery success rate (0.4% deliveries arriving before 12 noon on the customers arrival date) that we have achieved to date and our 100% customer satisfaction level that we have scored on Feefo, we feel these two factors will be powerful tools to over come this fear in the next year.” 

Having spent time analysing the survey results, the company has decided to reposition itself away from being an “alternative” to airline luggage services, to being a cost effective “complement” to airline hand luggage.

Makin said: “We are now actively encouraging the use of the airlines’ free hand luggage allowance for the last minute packing of clothes and toiletries, with customers just sending one 30kg bag ahead with all the heavier items they do not necessarily use in every day life. This gives the customer a highly cost effective way to cut out the hassle of taking luggage to airports, an average of 40kg of luggage per person and will save them on average two hours plus off their whole journey time.”


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