Jetset Flights have released new developments to the J.E.T.S system designed to make selling air even easier.

Extend Options

Agents now have the ability to extend options on certain fare types, by a further two days. This takes the total option time limit on selected fares to 4 days enabling agents to purchase additional travel arrangements for their clients.

Clients will also have the comfort of having sufficient time to check with all members of the party with the knowledge that the seats are secure for up to 4 days.

On the agent website, if an option is recalled, an Extend Option button is always displayed.

JETS will only allow an option to be extended if the ticketing rules with that specific airline and fare allow it. If the option cannot be extended, a popup box is displayed advising that the ticketing rules will not allow an extension of the option.

Upon extending an option the agent will receive an email confirmation confirming that the option has been extended.


Option Manager

Option Manager is a new area of the JETS system that facilitates the management of options made via the call centre or over the JETS system.

The new tab will show on the JETS system along the line with VIEW a BOOKING & ADD TO EXISTING BOOKING.

With thenew Option Manager you have the ability to view all options that your agency currently has held with Jetset. Additionally, if ticketing rules allow, you can now extend the option just by clicking a button - and by using this new facility you can confirm all live options in a few clicks.

If you no longer require a specific option, let it auto-cancel on the date it is set to expire.

To display all details on a specific booking you are holding with Jetset,  click on the relevant option from the list.  

For further information contact Jetset Sales on 0208 328 3930 or your Jetset Account Manager.

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