has taken further action to protect its customers and cabin crew from aggressive behaviour on a flight from Glasgow Airport last week in a bid to stamp out anti-social behaviour as part of the Onboard Together programme.

Paul Strain, Kevin Brady and Claire Marshall were travelling together on a flight from Glasgow Airport to Dalaman on July 13. Following extreme antisocial behaviour, they were handed over to the Turkish authorities.

Found consuming illicit alcohol, the party verbally abused the cabin crew with obscene language, led by Strain and Brady, continuing throughout the flight undeterred by verbal and written warnings from the crew.

It’s reported that Brady sang loudly and danced down the aisle, stripping off his t-shirt and making vulgar sexual gestures, thrusting at a member of the cabin crew and then throughout the cabin, in full view of families with children.

When firmly asked to sit down, he spat in the face of the senior cabin crew.

All three passengers were escorted off the aircraft by the Captain and handed over to Turkish police. The trio continued to show threatening behaviour towards the Captain, followed by ripping up official documents and finally spitting at the Turkish police. will be pursuing further action with the Turkish authorities. They have also engaged with Police Scotland and will be looking at further action for these passengers on home ground.

Strain and Brady have been issued with lifetime bans from travelling with and Jet2holidays. Marshall has received a six month ban. All three passengers have been denied access onto their return flight.

Phil Ward, managing director for the airline, said: “Aggressive behaviour will simply not be tolerated. Families and friends travelling on any airline should have an enjoyable time from the moment they step on to the aircraft. They should not have to experience aggressive behaviour, nor should our dedicated cabin crew.

“These are clear examples, indeed some of the worst I have come across, of why we need a national shared database of passengers that have been banned for disruptive behaviour for the airlines to tackle the growing problem together. We will do everything we can to stamp out this industry wide issue through our Onboard Together programme.”

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