A former fuelling vessel that was one of just a handful of ships that survived the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 has become a new artificial reef, dive site and marine habitat in the British Virgin Islands.

Set to boost dive tourism and raise awareness of ocean conservation, customers can experience the new site off the back of The Moorings crewed dive yacht, Poseidon’s Pearl which comes complete with captain, chef and host. Kodiak Queen, which was earmarked for the scrap heap, has just been saved, cleaned and sunk off Virgin Gorda in the BVI as part of a permanent eco-friendly underwater art installation.

The ‘BVI Art Reef’ the project is being led by Sir Richard Branson and a group of leading entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and scientists all working together to give the ship an honourable and rejuvenating next chapter in her long career at sea.

Before it was sunk, an 80ft giant sea monster was created by artists out of mesh and fixed to the top of the ship so it can provide a structure underwater to help with coral restoration and create an invaluable marine habitat. It is hoped that everything from turtles, sharks, sea sponges and corals will live on, in and around the wreck.

In time the project aims to raise awareness of the important environmental issues facing our oceans and capture people’s attention on the importance of addressing climate change, protecting coral reefs and rehabilitating vulnerable marine species.

Prices are from £1,639 per person for a seven-night charter on the Moorings 5800 Poseidon’s Pearl in December based on ten sharing. It includes the yacht charter complete with captain chef and host, all meals, snacks and beverages, housekeeping, Wi-Fi and all onboard equipment. S

ix dives per person with all diving equipment provided costs £340 and flights are extra but can be added by The Moorings, with prices from £948 with BA. The yacht charter is fully commissionable to agents.

For details call 03303-321520 or see moorings.co.uk/dive


Image Source: Owen Buggy Photography

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