Why is HG Travel rebranding to Asia DMC?

The transition from HG Travel to ASIA DMC represents our growth from a local destination management company to a continental player offering innovative, new products throughout Asia.

Our expansion into Indochina over the last five years has seen us open up in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. We have decided to offer more destinations to our existing partners who trust us and would like to expand along with us and to have the same level of services they have been used to with HG Travel in Indochina.

We also believe that our expansion is dusting off the old world view of tourism in South East Asia and Asia in general, since we see many big joint ventures created and many very big companies putting their purchasing power together. We want to do the exact opposite by offering tourism at a human scale, with products created by somebody who we are able to empathise with and develop itineraries for the end-customers. Somebody who is both an expert of the destination and who understands your needs.

Tell us about the expansion?

We will be opening offices across Asia in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, India and Sri Lanka over the next 12 months to add to our already established presence in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

2016 was definitely a transition year for us, after a setback due to the global economic situation and losing a customer to our competition in 2015, we knew that 2016 would be a year where all of us would have to fight hard to remain amongst the best DMCs in SEA, and this challenge motivated the team.

We have decided to consider 2016 as a transition year, where we would look back at what was wrong, correct our mistakes and move on. The outcome was that all of us wanted to dream bigger, to go further and offer more in terms of destinations, quality, and focus on the markets we wanted to expand to.

What is the schedule for the openings in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, India and Sri Lanka?

After fully setting up Thailand and Myanmar offices in 2016, our objective is to open Sri Lanka first and then Indonesia in early 2017, with the timeline for the other destinations following depending on the opportunities and on the people we meet. As long as we share the same vision, the opening of new destination can be very fast and easy as has been the case so far, so we are very hopeful for future openings.

How important is the UK trade to Asia DMC?

The UK trade is important to us, which is why we were at WTM this year, to further grow relationships with new tour operators as well as meeting existing partners in the UK and Europe.

ASIA DMC has made the decision to focus on a few markets and tour operators in western Europe who share the same interest and passion for the destinations we already operate and for those yet to come. UK tour operators match our will to develop authentic and exclusive quality products and this is the reason why we have in our team destination experts able to cater to an array of different products, from tailor-made and varying budgets to specialist tour operators and even bigger companies.

We believe that UK tour operators will be very receptive to our product strategy, based on research and innovation in South East Asia.

Are there any new travel experiences for 2017?

Our product team is constantly working on the creation of new experiences. The best way to stay up-to-date is by coming to our website asiadmc.com/travel-trade.html

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