Elite Travel Group's chief executive, Neil Basnett, told delegates at the consortia's recent 'Independent Matters' conference in Sevilla that the message of the organisation is one of 'unity' and that Elite remains small enough so that each of its members feel important, writes JILL SAYLES.

Basnett informed delegates that he had seen members coming back to join and that the consortia, which has 70 members, had lost just two members since last year's conference - Villa Parade which is no longer trading and Roy Cox Travel.

Speaking on Elite's relationship with Advantage, Basnett said that they worked well together for the benefit of members, and that sales were up 20% by the end of February this year compared with the same period last year. He said: "Figures at the end of July were up by 10% on 2013. Although sales growth didn't continue at the same rate, it has been a good year and it's a sign of confidence in the economy, with sales also starting well for 2015."
Basnett also warned members that customers expect 'luxury and cheap' when booking holidays, and that this has been an issue for them. He said: "One only gets what one pays for and this is often what the British public forgets about.  If our clients want something genuine, then I am sorry, but they are going to have to pay for it."

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