Recent research by has revealed more about the bad habits of Brits abroad, with the majority of holidaymakers admitting that they have urinated in the hotel pool and 68% confessing that they break rules regarding sunbed reservation.

The survey of 1,966 people aimed to find out more about their behaviour when spending time abroad.

Respondents, all of whom had been on a holiday abroad in the last 12 months, were asked to rate their overall behaviour during their, with a score of one being ‘very bad’ and ten being ‘excellent’.

Those living in the North West of the UK admitted to being the worst behaved, with an average self-score of ‘two’, whilst those in the South East scored themselves ‘nine’ out of ten in terms of their behaviour.

The most common bad behaviours included urinating in the pool (71%), breaking ‘reserving sunbed’ rules (68%), not tipping housekeeping staff (41%), being drunk and disorderly (39%), stealing items from hotel rooms (35%) and being unfaithful to their partner or cheating at 12%.

Anyone who scored themselves a five or below in terms of their bad behaviour was asked if their general holiday behaviour was worse than when they were at home, to which 88% admitted that it was, with the majority reason being they could ‘do what they wanted when on holiday’.


Image source: Dima Sidelnikov, Shutterstock

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