New research by has discovered that Brits embarking on medium to long-haul flights worry most about being uncomfortable, being sat next to someone unpleasant and needing to use the toilet during take-off.

A range of pre-emptive measures are taken, with Brits spending £73 on items to make the flight more comfortable, including a dedicated flight outfit, a travel pillow and travel socks.

Clothing and blankets can be purchased for those wanting to ensure they are comfortable during a flight, and medication can be taken by those worried about needing to use the toilet whilst in the air, but unfortunately nothing can be done beforehand to pre-empt sitting next to someone unpleasant.

The 2,390 respondents were asked if they took any pre-emptive measures to combat their concerns of ‘being uncomfortable’ (30%), ‘being sat next to someone unpleasant’ (27%) and ‘needing to use the toilet’ (22%), and four fifths of respondents who worried about being uncomfortable purchased items to make their flight more comfortable (82%), while a third of those worried about using the toilet choose to drink less and even take Imodium (32%).

Of those concerned about being sat next to someone unpleasant, 91% felt they had no control over this until they got onto the flight and could potentially request a seat change.

According to the poll, when asked to estimate how much they spent per flight, on average, in order to be comfortable, the average response was revealed as £73.

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