Offering key insights into the world of digital at the recent Global Travel Conference, Oli Yeates, CEO of digital marketing company Clicky, advised that agents should focus on the experience, embrace speed and to make everything mobile.

Yeates commented: “Millennial online behaviour will soon become the norm and is already spreading to other generations. Parents are now listening to older children, who are influencing decisions on their own travel choices. It also pays to note that, you may think this all seems like a lot of costly hard work, but many businesses simply need to make a few simple tweaks to what they already have in place to start to make a real difference.”

Millennials are those that have reached young adulthood in the early 21st century. They are deemed to be better informed than any previous generation and are constantly connected, expecting instant information and managing their lives through a vast array of time saving apps.

Using key findings from the 2017 Youth Trends Report, it was revealed that 53% would rather spend money on an experience rather than possessions. Owing to current difficulties with this generation struggling to get on the property ladder, many are still living at home. This means that although they may earn less than the average, they do have a greater disposable income, allowing them to satisfy their own cravings for luxury getaways.

Top tips by which travel agents might tap into this emerging market include:

Make everything mobile optimised - 64% of millennial travellers say they typically book a hotel room on a smartphone after shopping on one.

Tell stories about destinations and experiences – be visual, create life-like experiences and use social media.

Personalise their experience – create tailored content and tell them what they want to know. Answering key questions such as ‘will there be wifi?’ is vital.

Be open – These days you can’t escape reviews so embrace and encourage them. Also show you care by dealing any issues quickly and efficiently.

Utilise the data – You now have an abundance of data at your fingertips so learn how to use it.

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